As Light Grows

It can be easy to look back to my childhood and think how different the world was. Of course, I'm remembering this world through eyes of a child. My world was my universe and stretched to the places I could walk and explore. When I was Bea's age, my world also included our neighborhood in … Continue reading As Light Grows

The Power of Stories to Enlarge Our World

If you've been around here for even a day or two, you know I can talk books and books all the time. I truly believe reading and engaging in perspectives outside our usual thinking can help change the world. Today, I'm over at SheLoves Magazine sharing some of my journey of reading diversity. Here's an excerpt, … Continue reading The Power of Stories to Enlarge Our World

Books to See the Other

I was reflecting on books that have helped me to understand those we have labeled as The Other. Whether from a different socioeconomic background, a different culture, or a different political viewpoint, I think it's important to read books that challenge our own worldview. I've referenced many of these books already, but in case you're looking … Continue reading Books to See the Other

Finding Balance is a Gift

The windows are open, at least for a couple hours on this warm January afternoon. The backyard fountain is running, reminding me of summertime when it flows nonstop. Our new deck is finished and, with the sliding door open, I'm thinking about the next season and using this space that has been too unsound for us … Continue reading Finding Balance is a Gift

Art Creates Empathy

One of my favorite memories growing up is sitting in front of my dad's reference books in his home studio, looking through his Jansen's History of Art while he drew. It was from his college days and the photos reflected its publication date. I remember looking at an image of the Sistine Chapel ceiling and … Continue reading Art Creates Empathy

Shaping a Broad Worldview

When I was four - just about a year older than Bea - my parents packed us up and moved to Germany for two years. I've always admired them for this move and I recognize how significantly it shaped my worldview. Living abroad, doing daily life, travel - this all played key roles in how … Continue reading Shaping a Broad Worldview

What book got you reading?

I am a reader. It's always been an outlet for me; a chance to travel to new cultures, worldviews, and adventures. I'm part of three book clubs and also read a couple additional books on my own each month. Recently, I read two 5-star books in a row: Zora Neale Hurston's Their Eyes Were Watching God … Continue reading What book got you reading?