Room with a View

One of my favorite places in our new house is our bedroom. After painting its stark white walls bluish-gray and putting in a sitting corner, it’s a place I’ve come to enjoy just hanging out in. After Bea goes down for her nap, I’ll come in and read by the window, not wanting to go downstairs where reminders of things to be done wait.

One of the best parts of our bedroom is the natural light. The entire south wall is filled with windows and a sliding door. A balcony separates our room from the backyard and neighbors. Tall, old evergreen trees tower over the house and now that the deciduous trees have filled in, it feels like we live out in the mountains, rather than in the heart of the suburbs.

We also have an east-facing window, next to our bed. After making the bed each morning, I’ve taken to looking out and surveying our yard. It began in early spring, just to see what was going to bloom. But, after finding a stray book left out overnight under a tree, I’ve taken to looking to make sure indoor toys are recovered. This morning, I look out and see Bea’s bike parked in the easement. Seeing it reminds me of the hours she spends out there. She showed interest in her bike before, but with a house on a busy road and a backyard decorated in flagstone, we didn’t have many places for her to practice.

View from our east window
View from our east window

Our realtor had concerns about this easement, as it belongs to the city even though it’s fenced into our yard. It’s been one of our favorite features. On nice days, Bea will go and ride for more than an hour. Daisy, whose herding instinct is strong, loves herding her around, running just behind the bike. Bea’s confidence has grown and she’s able to balance and maneuver around old pots and piles of leaves.

One of our biggest concerns about buying a bigger home is that the yard would get smaller. Even in these early days of spring, it’s been fun to see how our smaller yard seems to be more used than before. The nooks and crannies and groves of trees that the previous owners (who happened to be landscaper architects) created have been the perfect place for a little girl to run and imagine. I’m looking forward to this summer and its days of outdoor living.

What’s your favorite view? Do you have a spot in your home that’s best for looking out and reflecting?



“My view is in here! Here is where the birds sing! Here is where the sky is blue!”

(paraphrase: Mr. Emerson)

E.M. Forster

It is so easy to depend on an outside view – to build up life so that a certain view (or lack thereof) can make or break a moment or an experience. How would life be different if we relied on the view from within? If we relied on ourselves to create beauty, rather than waiting for the world to do it for us? How could we better love our neighbors if our view was not dependent on right or wrong but came from loving first the beauty within ourselves?

My goal is to rely on the view from within – how can I make the birds sing and the sky blue from within, rather than relying on others to create it for me?