“Choose! Choose jammies!” Choosing is one of Bea’s favorite things right now. She loves picking out her jammies at night (“Snowmen favorite!”); She insists on choosing her own outfit each morning (“Bear? Rabbit Dress? Jeans!”). The other day, she told me she wanted her hair in a half-ponytail and when I pulled it all the way up, she insisted, “Half pony! Half pony!” It takes ages for us to do anything because she not only needs choices, but she debates each as though a strawberry vs. blueberry yogurt will determine the flavor she will eat forever.

Choosing to be a lion for the day.

Even though I have to factor in extra time for choices, I love this stage. Bea is really asserting her personality and I love being able to give her freedom to dictate how she wants to look or what she wants to eat for breakfast. It’s amazing how empowering these small choices are for her developing sense of self.

I think about the choices I make as a mother. Some days we simply don’t have time to debate each outfit, so I grab one and we go. Some days, I insist on leftovers for lunch – no choices. Sometimes that goes well, but when it doesn’t, I have to remind myself of the luxury of choices as an adult…. And I give myself grace to allow Bea to debate that outfit one more time.

Linked with Lisa-Jo Baker’s Five Minute Friday, a time to write without editing for five minutes. (And, I’ve noticed, a time for me to write a bit about my days with Bea.)