Keeping My Dreams in the Small Moments

“The way we spend our days, of course, is how we spend our lives.” Annie Dillard

IMG_8202I have a love-hate relationship with this quote. Mostly, I love it. It’s true: How I spend these days of small moments build into my family’s culture and life. The choices we make with our careers and our spending habits are shaping what we’ll be able to do with our girls in the future.

But sometimes, I think, Really?! I’m spending my days picking up crayons and answering the same question again and again. THIS is how I’m going to spend my life?!?!

I know that when the girls are grown and we’re empty nesters, I’ll still be doing the mundane of laundry and dishes and all those small things. But I don’t want to think about that. I want to think about big things in the future. My 5-year goals don’t include having a tidy house.

There are so many books about embracing the rhythms of our everyday. I just finished Liturgy of the Ordinary by Tish Harrison Warren and have started Hello Mornings by Kat Lee. Both are about embracing those small holy moments in our days. I need to read these books, to be reminded of the importance of breathing and infusing holy into those quotidian moments.

But I also need to remember not to surrender my dreams to those small moments. That I can get easily mired down in the mundane. How do I keep the big hopes and visions in mind without resenting the small?

God is indeed a God of the everyday. But God is also a God of big, wonderful dreams. Without those, where would humanity be?

Today is my cleaning day. As I tidy and vacuum and run errands, I’ll listen to messages and podcasts about changing the world. I’ll infuse activism into these small moments, remembering a bigger story in the mist of the small work.

How do you keep the big picture in mind without resenting the daily routines? What are ways you infuse hope into the everyday?

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