A Surprise Pause

It’s 9:40 and already today hasn’t gone as planned. I wasn’t going to write this post, for one. We had a lot to do between dance class and preparation for our one 2-day weekend as a family.

IMG_0285.jpgAnd then, through a miscommunication, we ended up skipping dance. Instead, we are playing in the snow, drinking hot chocolate and going at a slower pace. Instead of rushing to pack and remember all of the things kids need for an overnight and worry about leaving on time, we’re able to stop and enjoy the fire, to play a bit, and to ease into the day.

Sometimes surprises can be exciting – surprise parties, surprise trips – they get my energy going. Sometimes surprises are overwhelming and take a lot of recalibration.

Other surprises – like today’s – cause me to remember that it’s ok to pause. That sometimes we need to stop and play in the snow. That, even in the midst of the miscommunications of tax season, some miscommunications work to our advantage. It wasn’t even a miscommunication but an act of service when Frank should have been rushing off to work that allowed us to play rather than rush.

Today’s surprise bodes well for our weekend. We get two whole days together as a family and I hope to remember this pause – that it’s not about packing in the time together but resting in our 48 hour break before this last push.

Do you use surprises to your advantage or do they catch you off guard?

Linked with Kate Motaung’s Five Minute Friday, a time to write without editing. Today’s prompt is “surprise.”