Seeing the World Through the Lens of Personality

One year, during our week of inservice and team-building before the school year started, we had an expert on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator give us a test and help us learn to work with people of differing temperaments. Great in theory, but in practice it was the most stressful day for me. I felt boxed … Continue reading Seeing the World Through the Lens of Personality

The Habit of Forming Habits

This fall has been filled with 30-day challenges. From our Whole30 cleanse to setting an alarm at 9:00 each night for bedtime to this Write 31 Days challenge, I'm liking the benefits of these short-term, habit changers. Setting a goal and sticking to it these days is a challenge in itself. There were many days … Continue reading The Habit of Forming Habits

Finding Sustainable Practices

We just got back from a week visiting family in Philadelphia. We took an early flight, waking the girls up before dawn, not getting coffee until the plane had taken off. But, the payoff is getting home before noon, getting a load of laundry started while the girls take a pre-lunch, post-plane bath. It means … Continue reading Finding Sustainable Practices

Surrounded By Weaknesses

I hate spreadsheets. I don't know how to set one up and only use them for glorified graph paper. Frank adores them - his eyes shine when he gets to create a multi-page budget and anticipate needs in the future. It causes me vast amounts of stress and it is something where his creativity shines. … Continue reading Surrounded By Weaknesses

Cultivating What Comes Naturally

Bea is known for her daredevil bike stunts in our cul-de-sac. She recently took off her training wheels and a whole new world has opened. She rides fast, jumps the curbs, and is constantly off-roading. I think an appropriate stocking stuffer will be a nice patch kit. My dad comes over to help her repair … Continue reading Cultivating What Comes Naturally

Read Your Strengths: Books that Reflect Context

Whenever I am frustrated by politics or policies or when I feel like the general population's opinion about something is a bit off, I turn to books. I love finding the answers and delving a bit deeper. Of course, the books I choose reflect my own political leanings and ideas because, unless it's a heavy scholarly … Continue reading Read Your Strengths: Books that Reflect Context

Planning for Spontaneity

When we're visiting family, it's a week of cousins, and hard playing, and schedules that aren't followed. We do really fun things and a lot of car naps and later bedtimes. Usually, sometime in our visit, we need a quiet day. One to rest and just chill. It keeps the girls going strong for all … Continue reading Planning for Spontaneity

My Favorite Era

I was listening to a podcast the other day and one of the hosts mentioned how young America is - that it's hard to find a home more than a hundred years old. Comments like this make me cringe. Yes, we're a young country if you're looking at a European-controlled population. But if you're looking … Continue reading My Favorite Era

Sometimes the Witch Gets the Prince

While looking for something in the storage room the other day, Bea and I found one last box of books from my teaching days. This one was filled with fairy tales, books on character building and feelings, and books that taught specific idioms used in the curriculum. It's been fun rereading these favorites and watching … Continue reading Sometimes the Witch Gets the Prince

Remembering the Past and Learning from Experience

We were talking last week at MOPS about which strengths make us better parents. Which ones really feed into our parenting styles and/or how we connect with our kids. My top strength is Context - the need to look back to understand the present, to take a moment to orient myself in the moment. One … Continue reading Remembering the Past and Learning from Experience