Small Moments

If I were to capture the small moments of my day, to remember in fifty years, I would want to remember…

Bea, talking in her crib. Not ready to get up, but awake, greeting her day.

My MOPS group, doing community, life, and mothering together; Learning to speak and receive truth into our lives.

Sun shining into the playroom; Reading Hafiz while Bea makes “strawberry waffles” in her kitchen.

Stopping playtime so that Bea can pray for her friends – listing her MOPS buddies first and moving on to her cousins and playdate pals, hands folded, eyes screwed shut, thankful for her own small community.

Last minute dinners with longtime friends, letting our kids play together as we end the meal with port and scotch, marveling at how life has continued to keep us together.

Weekly, lively discussions about faith and life, things important and fleeting, meeting over drinks and dinner in the middle of the same restaurant, building relationships that have spanned over six years, watching as we progress in our own theologies.

Choosing to read next to Frank, rather than watch TV, constantly interrupting to share something new, and challenging each other to continually learn.

What are some of your small, daily moments?

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