Be Kind to Yourself

When I wrote this post for SheLoves, it was easy writing about the discomfort. That seems to be part of life, right? Leaning into the discomfort. Something didn't feel complete about the piece. I worked on it, sent it to a friend, and finally sent it to my editor, thinking it was all about discomfort. … Continue reading Be Kind to Yourself

Spending Quality Time With Art

My top Love Language is Quality Time. During tax season, this means we are very protective of our weekends. We try to make sure to eat at least one meal as just the four of us and we keep Frank's one day off as relaxed as possible. Of course, things happen and we engage with … Continue reading Spending Quality Time With Art

Reflecting My Self to Others

When I first read the post back in October, offering a 4-meeting journey to write my mission statement, I hesitated. What does a person like me need a mission statement for? For the next few years, I'm in this staying home thing, raising these little girls before school starts. But something tugged at me and … Continue reading Reflecting My Self to Others

Learning to Be Choosy

This has been a long week. Not bad, just long. Frank's working on the tax extension deadline; Bea's teachers are at a conference for the week so she's home; we've had our sweetest sweet moments and our lowest frustrations. One of the most difficult things about finding energy though learning is that learning takes energy. … Continue reading Learning to Be Choosy

When Life is More Than a Number

A couple years ago, Goodreads introduced a "Reading Challenge" feature. You could set a reading goal and it would track your achievement. The first year, I set a goal of 52 books and exceeded it by 30. I had never tracked my reading before and the overachiever in me was thrilled. Look! I'm such an … Continue reading When Life is More Than a Number