Saving My Live – COVID-19 Edition

We are just over 24-hours into a stay at home order and on day -5 of home learning. Our spring break started this gradual-but-fast lockdown and I'm so thankful we had a full week to rest, get outside, and not worry about schedules, routines, and the rest of the school year. This past week has … Continue reading Saving My Live – COVID-19 Edition

Champagne for Breakfast

As I learn more about the church calendar, I'm trying to be more intentional about leaning into the different seasons. I'm remembering to pause and breathe in Advent before the celebration of Christmas, to feast for Epiphany before the fasting of Lent, and to really think about what it means to be "Easter people." When … Continue reading Champagne for Breakfast

Small Things That Are Big Lifesavers

We're partway through winter, though it's hard to believe around here. Maybe the groundhog's prediction of six more weeks will mean that we'll have an actual winter? Though we've had a couple snowy days, it's been an incredibly dry and temperate couple¬†months. While I'm not complaining during our daily walks to school, I know we'll … Continue reading Small Things That Are Big Lifesavers

Spring is Saving My Life

After the winter that barely was, spring is here. Trees are blossoming with bees buzzing around; our backyard fountain is running again and birds are splashing and drinking; our hyacinths have bloomed and our other bulbs are pushing out of the ground. The windows are open. At first, just in the afternoon but now for … Continue reading Spring is Saving My Life

Midwinter Lifesavers

It's that time of year. January and its resolutions and catching up is over, February the longest shortest month of the year is ahead. Tax season is looming. It's a good time to stop and remember all the things that are saving my life this winter. Last year, my list included walking and the Mamaroo; … Continue reading Midwinter Lifesavers

What is Saving Your Life?

Last year, Anne Bogel posed the question,¬†What is saving your life right now? Taken from Barbara Brown Taylor's Leaving Church, the question is used to reframe our winter doldrums mentality to one of something more positive - more life-giving. Last year's reflection stayed with me. As the seasons changed, I wondered what new things were … Continue reading What is Saving Your Life?

Five Things Saving My Life

I don't usually get the winter blues. Yes, I'd prefer sunshine over gray skies, but in Colorado we have about 300 days of sunshine each year. This means, even if we get a gray streak, sun is just around the corner. That being said, the colder weather, tax season, and general post-holiday laziness definitely affects … Continue reading Five Things Saving My Life