Preparing for a Season of Dormancy

This past weekend was one of those gorgeous autumn days with warm weather and blue skies. Because we had early snow and frost, we decided to spend this beautiful day winterizing our garden and yard. I had already pulled our vegetable plants after the first frost but we went through our containers, tilling in the … Continue reading Preparing for a Season of Dormancy

The Reality of Rest

Our fall break didn’t go as planned. I mean, when does any stretch of time off really go as planned? But this week capped any week I’ve ever had. From an unexpected health emergency landing my husband in ICU for a few days to a drunk driver plowing through our fence at midnight one night, … Continue reading The Reality of Rest

Letting Autumn Guide My Days

The nights are getting cooler and our garden's harvest is slowing down. We ate tomato and cucumber salads, made tomato cobbler, and I baked two apple pies using the fruit from our backyard tree. It was a flurry of seasonal eating and delicious vine-ripened produce. Less than a month later, things are slowing down. We'll … Continue reading Letting Autumn Guide My Days

Made Like Martha Guest Post + Giveaway

Before becoming a mother, I was an efficient do-er. I was often the first to get my grades in at the end of the semester; I'd plan my days around productivity and quiet time; I felt pretty in control of my schedule. And then kids happened... And I quickly learned that the best-laid plans of productivity … Continue reading Made Like Martha Guest Post + Giveaway

The Importance of Reading Genesis

Last Friday, after we took Bea out for her celebratory last day of school lunch, I packed five books, two journals, two packs of pens, my computer, and my sneakers and drove up to the Abbey of St. Walberga close to the Wyoming border. I was two hours into the drive when I realized I … Continue reading The Importance of Reading Genesis

Recalibrating Toward Rest

I've never really been cutting edge. Growing up, my clothes were hand-me-downs from my fashionable cousin. I get most of my books from the library, so it's rare I'm reading material that came out at the last minute. Maybe it's because I'm such a processor that I have to sit with new ideas for a … Continue reading Recalibrating Toward Rest

Listening to Myself

I'm sitting on a blue and white striped bedspread in a sweet little room named Nantucket. Boats and fishing nets and white curtains and distressed wood decorate this small room. The window is open and I listen to the little creek running through the backyard. Last night, I arrived at this little bed and breakfast, just … Continue reading Listening to Myself

Lazy Summer

After a month in no-schedule summer-mode, Bea's had a week of morning Vacation Bible School at her preschool. It's been a fun week - projects, games, seeing some of her teachers, and best of all: Hanging out with teenagers!! Because our mornings are full again, we haven't done much else. Both girls need afternoon naps, and … Continue reading Lazy Summer

Summertime Downtime

This last weekend was Bea's first dance recital. After heading to the rec center every Friday since December and seeing countless renditions of her own Puff, The Magic Dragon dance done in our living room, we finally got to see the culmination of all that work. It was as sweet and uncoordinated as a three-year-old recital … Continue reading Summertime Downtime

Resting Before Restoration

During our early days of marriage, Frank and I had to have quite a few discussions about Napping Expectations. Frank is a power napper - 20 minutes and he's refreshed. He also is not good at hanging out, so once he's awake, he's awake. He gets fidgety and restless and is an unpleasant bedfellow. I love … Continue reading Resting Before Restoration