The Beginning of Social Justice Awareness

Yesterday, I mentioned a librarian who made space for me to dig deeper into the books we were reading as a class. Another influential person was her assistant (whose name, twenty-some years later I can't remember!) This paraprofessional was always recommending young adult books grounded in social justice. I read about Kurdish sisters fleeing to … Continue reading The Beginning of Social Justice Awareness

Two Books to Read for World Refugee Day

For as long as human history has been recorded, we have known about refugees. The Abrahamic faiths are built on an idea of fleeing and finding homes in new countries. But just because something has been happening for millennia doesn't mean we can't actively be trying to love our neighbors and find better solutions to … Continue reading Two Books to Read for World Refugee Day

Advent Day 13: Open Arms

Emanuel, God with us, I know you see the plight of the refugees. You see their struggle as they journey from their homes. You see their pain, their fatigue, their desperation. You see them and you love them. Be with them God; be present in their suffering as only you can. Provide safety for them, … Continue reading Advent Day 13: Open Arms