The World is Good

The days are running into each other. I'm not reminded of Groundhog Day, at least not yet, but my general motivation waxes and wanes by the moment. Some days seem doable and I'm ready to do all the things. Other days, I wonder why it really matters whether or not I get up with my … Continue reading The World is Good

I Am Home; This Is Where I Belong

I borrowed my mom's car the other day and, because I don't like messing with the radio, listened to the Christian radio station on my errands. I don't mind the upbeat music normally and this trip was no different. Until the song Where I Belong by Building 429 came on. As I listened to the … Continue reading I Am Home; This Is Where I Belong

Redeeming a Lost Weekend

We have two weeks left in tax season. These will be the craziest two weeks, but it feels good to be in countdownable mode. On my desk calendar, I have an x-ed out Hooray tax season is finished!!! on April 15 and had to move it to April 18. A whole weekend farther away. For some, … Continue reading Redeeming a Lost Weekend

Celebrating Strong Women: Daughters of Eve

I am thrilled to introduce Caroline Wenger as this week's Strong Woman. When we met in Paris, Caroline was the first of my peers to help me realize that we are leaders now - not when we're "grown up." Caroline is British-born. She lived in Paris for 5 years  before moving to Swiss-German-speaking Switzerland with her Swiss-German/French husband … Continue reading Celebrating Strong Women: Daughters of Eve

Remembering It is Good

One of my favorite translations of the creation story comes from Bea's Jesus Storybook Bible. In it, God exclaims, "You're good!" after creating the light, the land, the animals, and people. It captures God's excitement as creation is declared good and perfect. Thinking about this redemptive season and how all things are made good again comes … Continue reading Remembering It is Good