The Process of Learning

When I was in college, I chose not to minor in anything. Instead, I took elective classes from as many departments as I could, trying to get as diverse an education as possible. International studies, comparative literature, journalism - I loved dipping a toe in a range of ideas and types of classes. One of … Continue reading The Process of Learning

Favorite Books of 2014

This has been a book-filled year for me. I wrote in August about reaching my first reading goal of 52 books for the year. Since then, I've read 30 more, for a total of 82. Most were good (above 3/5 stars) and I noticed I tended toward nonfiction. This year, Frank and I also worked … Continue reading Favorite Books of 2014

What I’m Into 4:14

In our family, April comes in like a lion and out like a lamb. The last big push before the April 15 tax deadline means late nights, working weekends, and hardly any family time. It's pretty rough, and I am thankful that my parents live within an hour's drive and we have a good group … Continue reading What I’m Into 4:14

What I’m Into 3:14

Bea and I just got back from a lovely five days visiting family in California. Since we're nearing the end of tax season, Frank is gearing up and working longer hours. (Our "home by midnight" rule is being bent...) My mom was heading out anyway to help her sisters and my grandma sort out a … Continue reading What I’m Into 3:14

What book got you reading?

I am a reader. It's always been an outlet for me; a chance to travel to new cultures, worldviews, and adventures. I'm part of three book clubs and also read a couple additional books on my own each month. Recently, I read two 5-star books in a row: Zora Neale Hurston's┬áTheir Eyes Were Watching God … Continue reading What book got you reading?