Building Foundations of Wonder

I'm honored to be over at Kindred Mom today, wrapping up their series on Cultivating Family Culture. Our hikes are still slow and filled with meandering and I don't know if we've ever reached our destination. But both girls readily pick hiking on a weekend, so I call that a success. Here's an excerpt and I … Continue reading Building Foundations of Wonder

Learning Leads to Action

I've been thinking a lot about activism and how I want to model being active in our community, in politics, and in our world to the girls. At first, I was intimidated by SheLoves' theme, "I keep showing up" because so often, I don't show up. It's easier to hide behind ideas than it is to … Continue reading Learning Leads to Action

When Life Gets in the Way

If I've heard it once, I've heard it a dozen times: Hold expectations loosely during this holiday season. It's hard to do, though. Often, I don't even realize I have expectations until they're unmet. I'm over at SheLoves Magazine today, reflecting on how life is always in the way of holy moments. Here's an excerpt, … Continue reading When Life Gets in the Way

As Light Grows

It can be easy to look back to my childhood and think how different the world was. Of course, I'm remembering this world through eyes of a child. My world was my universe and stretched to the places I could walk and explore. When I was Bea's age, my world also included our neighborhood in … Continue reading As Light Grows

Yes to Lazy Summer Days

This weekend I had my semi-regular meltdown about the state of our playroom. I pulled out a garbage can and started throwing in all of the broken goody-bag toys, the loose papers, the pens without caps, and the stepped-on plastic Easter eggs. I threatened taking away all presents for every birthday and Christmas forevermore since … Continue reading Yes to Lazy Summer Days

Parenting Without Immediate Results

The other day I felt like the Best Mom. I put aside my to-do list and focused completely on Bea. During quiet rest (which is just as much for me as for her) we read books, played an imaginative game, drank hot cocoa with her tea set, and wrote a book. It was a sweet … Continue reading Parenting Without Immediate Results

Review: Raising an Original by Julie Lyles Carr + Giveaway

Anyone who knows our girls knows they are two completely different humans. Their personalities, senses of humor, curiosity, and social skills aren't exactly opposite, but they certainly are unique. Anyone who has interacted with children knows that they are each their own person. The other day, I was chatting with a dad about nature vs. nurture. … Continue reading Review: Raising an Original by Julie Lyles Carr + Giveaway

Creating Our Family Culture

In high school, I remember having long conversations with a family friend about the evils of shopping at Walmart. I could not understand why someone would choose loyalty to a store that was so under scrutiny for poor employee treatment. (Being the idealistic teenager, I didn't recognize that most big box stores function similarly...) For … Continue reading Creating Our Family Culture

Raising Learners

One of my favorite parts of staying home with the girls is watching their learning styles develop. Especially the past couple months, we've seen Elle's little personality really emerge. Some aspects of each girl are totally me or Frank. Others are completely them or a cool mix of various family members. Bea has always been an … Continue reading Raising Learners

Measuring Mothering Success

When I was a teacher, my success was measured every day. I could chart my students' progress and had formal assessments to verify my findings at least three times per year. Even though it was stressful to always be putting a number on my teaching, I had few doubts as to my successes or failures … Continue reading Measuring Mothering Success