What I’m Learning From Mosses

It's the first week of summer and we're easing into life without routines here. Or, I suppose I should say "modified routines" because there's always a need for some sort of rhythm to our days. This year, I'm learning from the mosses as I try to embrace slow growth, longterm goals, and letting myself be … Continue reading What I’m Learning From Mosses

Letting Autumn Guide My Days

The nights are getting cooler and our garden's harvest is slowing down. We ate tomato and cucumber salads, made tomato cobbler, and I baked two apple pies using the fruit from our backyard tree. It was a flurry of seasonal eating and delicious vine-ripened produce. Less than a month later, things are slowing down. We'll … Continue reading Letting Autumn Guide My Days

Saying Yes to Jammies and Self-Care

Today is looking different than planned. We're home, rather than on a last road trip and I was planning on laundry, cleaning, maybe a park, but definitely a quiet day. Bea woke up looking tired and complaining of a hurting tummy. I tried all the tricks - eating breakfast, drinking water, did she go to … Continue reading Saying Yes to Jammies and Self-Care

The Sacredness of the Ordinary

We just got back from a camping trip out in the wilderness of Colorado. Our campsite didn't have many amenities - just a vault toilet and a fire ring. We spent a few days playing in the dirt, using wet wipes the best we could, and letting our kids explore. We unplugged because we wanted … Continue reading The Sacredness of the Ordinary

The Work of Peace

Mom, what do you want for Christmas? Bea asked the other day. Oh, Time...... I responded wistfully, thinking of how lovely a quiet, peaceful afternoon with nothing to do would feel. No, I think you want matching Christmas jammies with me. This week we lit the Peace candle on our Advent wreath. It's a time to remember … Continue reading The Work of Peace

Sing! Shout! Praise the Lord!

This morning, I woke to the whiiirrrrrr!! of the blender as Frank made breakfast smoothies. Above the noise of the motor, Bea was singing at top volume: I'M GONNA SING! SING! SING! I'M GONNA SHOUT! SHOUT! SHOUT! PRAISE THE LORD!!!! When the blender stopped, Frank said, Bea, sing pianissimo! WHY?!?! I'M GONNA SIT BY JESUS SIDE! Quiet … Continue reading Sing! Shout! Praise the Lord!


In high school, pursuing God meant raising my hands in praise, saying the right things, and never questioning. In college, pursuing God meant deconstructing all I'd known, reading the right books, and breaking just enough rules. In my twenties, pursuing God meant book clubs over Bible studies, finding God in hiking and nature rather than … Continue reading Pursue