When Redemption Means a New Foundation

I have learned so much from Cara Meredith's journey toward racial reconciliation. Her book, The Color of Life is a must-read for anyone embarking on the journey of grappling with tough questions. She has generously opened her platform to ask questions around "Listen, Learn and Listen Some More" and I have the honor of sharing … Continue reading When Redemption Means a New Foundation

Creating Space for Wonder

The other night, after putting the girls to bed, cleaning the kitchen, and shoving the stray toys into the playroom, I settled onto the couch to breathe and relax. Before I even finished my exhale, I heard a rustling upstairs. Upon investigation, I found Bea peaking through the railings. I thought I heard a door open. … Continue reading Creating Space for Wonder

Listening to All the Questions

We were at the pool the other day and Bea started asking a random woman about a million questions - What are you wearing? Why? What are you doing? Why? Do you want to swim with me? Why? The woman, who was trying to relax, was incredibly patient and answered Bea's questions with a laugh. Midway through, … Continue reading Listening to All the Questions

The Art of Inquiry

One of my favorite parts of teaching an inquiry-based program is the open-endedness of the questions we encourage kids to ask. Rather than explaining a piece of art, we ask things like, What do you see? and Great observation! Tell me more. Some things we have quick answers to: Clyfford Still died in 1980 but others we … Continue reading The Art of Inquiry

Faith Like a Child

Bea is in a phase of wanting large amounts of food on her plate. She is a very active eater, so this food doesn't usually get eaten because she's running around, distracted. However, she always asks for "a BIG one!" of whatever we're having. Lunchtime conversation often looks like this: Me: Bea, do you want … Continue reading Faith Like a Child