My Daughter Can Open Her Own Door

The problem with raising strong, independent girls is that they're, well... Strong and Independent. The other day, on the way into preschool, Bea got in an altercation with a little boy who wanted to hold the door. She wanted a turn and was grumpy that he wouldn't move. The grandma looked at me and said, I'm just … Continue reading My Daughter Can Open Her Own Door

Laughing from the Other Side

My mom used to tell me that the toddler years were when she really started to enjoy motherhood - we were a bit more independent, we could express our feelings using words. Life seemed more fun. In the midst of a screaming rage from our own preschooler, I looked at my mom and asked, Really?!?! This was … Continue reading Laughing from the Other Side

When Life is Like Processed Cheese

The summer between college and grad school, I worked as the Snack Shack manager at a summer camp. In so many ways, it was not a good fit, but one of the biggest was that I had Very Strong Opinions about snack foods for kids. Even today, we lean more toward the carrots & hummus … Continue reading When Life is Like Processed Cheese

Growing Independence

Our house is back to normal after the Christmas decorations and mess. I love the festive decorations - how the whole house transforms as we anticipate Christmas. And, while I know we should be celebrating Epiphany and the excitement of the kings, I am ready for quiet and rest as we ease into January. (Though, … Continue reading Growing Independence

Listening to All the Questions

We were at the pool the other day and Bea started asking a random woman about a million questions - What are you wearing? Why? What are you doing? Why? Do you want to swim with me? Why? The woman, who was trying to relax, was incredibly patient and answered Bea's questions with a laugh. Midway through, … Continue reading Listening to All the Questions