Recalibrating Expectations

One of Bea's favorite books is Good Night, Philadelphia. It's part of that series of board books that focuses on a city and greets the famous landmarks: Good morning, Museum of Art. Good afternoon, Betsy Ross House and Old Glory. Hello, Reading Terminal Market and cheesesteaks. For a solid year, we read it multiple times per day. Even … Continue reading Recalibrating Expectations

Balancing Solitude with Engagement

When Frank and I were first married, we went on a weekend backpacking trip in Rocky Mountain National Park's Never Summer Range. One of the most amazing things about this western side of the park is that there are far fewer tourists and hikers. During our entire excursion, we saw one other couple descending into … Continue reading Balancing Solitude with Engagement

Why Bother With Lent?

On Wednesday, we leave the Epiphany and Ordinary Time in the church calendar and move into Lent, that period that prepares us for Easter. Lent is a 40 day practice (excluding Sundays) that encourages fasting, preparation, and mindfulness as Christians consider the celebration and importance of Easter. I've come to look forward to this time … Continue reading Why Bother With Lent?

Don’t Let the Light Go Out

The presents are opened. Visitors have gone home. Frank is back at work. Toys and metallic glitter markers and new books are still piled on surfaces, waiting to find a home. (Or, as much of a home as a constantly used playroom allows...) On Christmas Day, we burned our Advent candles down to small stubs. This … Continue reading Don’t Let the Light Go Out

Praying in Anticipation – Join Me this Advent

I love living in the technology age. Staying in touch with friends, feeling connected to the world, getting news easily from a variety of sources all fills my "connectivity" strength. At times, the instant access to news can be overwhelming - I have to take a break because the world can seem so heavy. And … Continue reading Praying in Anticipation – Join Me this Advent

Outgrowing Insecurity

Recently, I had one of those days. When junior high insecurities surface. When I felt unloved, unappreciated and unsure of how I fit into my community. Add those feelings to being nearly 8-months pregnant, and I allowed myself a good pity party. As I got in bed that night, I opened my Common Prayer to read … Continue reading Outgrowing Insecurity

Faith Like a Child

Bea is in a phase of wanting large amounts of food on her plate. She is a very active eater, so this food doesn't usually get eaten because she's running around, distracted. However, she always asks for "a BIG one!" of whatever we're having. Lunchtime conversation often looks like this: Me: Bea, do you want … Continue reading Faith Like a Child