Stop, Breathe, Reflect, and Adore

We're finally moved into our new house! We still have a bunch of boxes to unpack, but our kitchen and living areas are mostly done. We've had friends over for dinner and fires in the fireplace and pictures up on the walls. It's starting to feel like home. Last night, we finally bought our tree: … Continue reading Stop, Breathe, Reflect, and Adore

Chaos and Anticipation of Advent

This Advent season has felt chaotic. Not in the holiday bustle sense, but because we're in the midst of packing. This time next week, we'll be moved into our new home. It's not a far move - just 6 miles, but we still have all the coordinating and changing forms and packing to do. I … Continue reading Chaos and Anticipation of Advent

Noticing the Quirks and Character

We are in the midst of selling our house. This means decluttering, hiding all personal photos, and making it look as though we are as neat, organized, and styled as a Container Store catalog. In the grand scheme of buying and selling, our experience has (so far) been on the easier side, which has been … Continue reading Noticing the Quirks and Character