You Don’t Have to Give Up Your Friends to Join a Moms’ Group

I recently read an article titled something like, Why You Shouldn't Join a Moms' Group. It was all about why new moms should just keep the friends they already have without making new friends. That old friends are way better and that it's important to have friends without kids. On one level, I do agree with this … Continue reading You Don’t Have to Give Up Your Friends to Join a Moms’ Group

In the Middle of the Tired Thirties

The Tired Thirties. This phrase, first coined by Sloan Wilson in Man in the Gray Flannel Suit, was used to describe that period for businessmen when they tried to balance family life with the long hours and demands of working their way up the corporate ladder. It has since been taken over by young mothers after … Continue reading In the Middle of the Tired Thirties

Dear Mother, You Are Human

We had the honor of hosting a baby shower the day before Mother's Day. Part of the shower was writing advice or letters to the parents-to-be and their little girl. Before writing mine, I flipped through a few - Take time for each other; Accept babysitting; Remember 2am doesn't last forever; It's ok to be tired. I added … Continue reading Dear Mother, You Are Human

Staying Hydrated

When I lived in Nepal, clean drinking water was not easily accessible. Fortunately, in Kathmandu, there were options. Most of the members of my team bought disposable water bottles throughout our three month stay. I don't remember who thought of it, but for Christmas my parents gave me an REI model backpacking pump. I would fill … Continue reading Staying Hydrated

Review: The Mother and Child Project + Giveaway

Mother's Day was yesterday so, of course, my own journey as a mother is at the forefront of my thoughts. I look at my pregnancy and am amazed at how easy it has been. I chose when I wanted to start my family and when I wanted to add to it. I chose a doctor … Continue reading Review: The Mother and Child Project + Giveaway


Last week, while at the bookstore looking for Christmas gifts, Bea had her first public temper tantrum. She had been in rare form since we arrived: Running through the aisles, shrieking, shouting "Hi!" at every shopper, laughing hysterically. Pre-kid, I always assumed I'd just leave a store if my child wasn't behaving properly. Since that … Continue reading Village