The Mom Quilt

Learning to embrace my story has been a challenge for me. Especially after our decision for me to stay home with our kids, my sense of identity drastically shifted. I no longer had an identifying profession but I also felt that I was living a very uninspiring, mundane life. Nothing I did was out of … Continue reading The Mom Quilt


When I was in high school, my mom went back to school to earn a long overdue Master's degree. She took weekend and summer courses to finish, managing to work and be present for her family as well. After she graduated and got a job doing what she loved, I was impressed with the change … Continue reading Long


"I did not get a Master's degree in housekeeping!" I stormed at Frank as we argued over how precious weekend time would be spent. I don't mind doing daily and weekly housecleaning myself, but sometimes it's a two-person job. I wanted to spend Saturday morning doing some post-Christmas chores as well as some neglected-during-the-holidays household … Continue reading Identity