Holding Onto My Story

A friend and I met the other day to see Jackie. After the credits rolled, we curled up in the reclining chairs and chatted until the theater started filling up again for the next show. This friend is someone I wish I could see more regularly, but when our schedules align and we're able to … Continue reading Holding Onto My Story

What Do I Want to Remember?

Things I enjoy about motherhood: Making sweet memories Watching the girls grow and develop into their own little humans Being part of something bigger than just today's mess - knowing that our conversations and intentions will shape the girls' outlook The reminder that unconditional love does exist and the daily modeling of forgiveness (mostly from … Continue reading What Do I Want to Remember?

Learning to Be Choosy

This has been a long week. Not bad, just long. Frank's working on the tax extension deadline; Bea's teachers are at a conference for the week so she's home; we've had our sweetest sweet moments and our lowest frustrations. One of the most difficult things about finding energy though learning is that learning takes energy. … Continue reading Learning to Be Choosy

Measuring Mothering Success

When I was a teacher, my success was measured every day. I could chart my students' progress and had formal assessments to verify my findings at least three times per year. Even though it was stressful to always be putting a number on my teaching, I had few doubts as to my successes or failures … Continue reading Measuring Mothering Success

Beyond Flowers & Brunch

Before we had kids, our dog, Daisy would send me a Mother's Day bouquet at work. It usually came during a staff meeting (well done, Frank!) and the real mothers in the group were always a bit jealous. I never understood this until having human children. There's definitely a difference. This year will be my first … Continue reading Beyond Flowers & Brunch

Growing Independence

Our house is back to normal after the Christmas decorations and mess. I love the festive decorations - how the whole house transforms as we anticipate Christmas. And, while I know we should be celebrating Epiphany and the excitement of the kings, I am ready for quiet and rest as we ease into January. (Though, … Continue reading Growing Independence

Celebrating Strong Women: Redefining Normal

I am glad to introduce Kerri Dawson as today's Strong Women contributor. Kerri has a degree in Maritime Systems Engineering and worked for the oil and gas industry for 11 years as a senior project specialist. She is currently living in Northern California raising two very energetic boys ages 5 and 3. Life is good! Redefining Normal When … Continue reading Celebrating Strong Women: Redefining Normal

Celebrating Strong Women: How to Do it All

I'm pleased to introduce Renata Pepper as our Strong Women contributor today. Renata is a Franco-Italian-American living in Paris. She is a mother, works as a location manager (www.renatapepper.com), and loves anything food-related. How to Do it All I am one of those people who likes to be involved in many things and who thrives … Continue reading Celebrating Strong Women: How to Do it All

Staying Hydrated

When I lived in Nepal, clean drinking water was not easily accessible. Fortunately, in Kathmandu, there were options. Most of the members of my team bought disposable water bottles throughout our three month stay. I don't remember who thought of it, but for Christmas my parents gave me an REI model backpacking pump. I would fill … Continue reading Staying Hydrated