Seasons of Quality Time

To celebrate our first anniversary, Frank and I hiked the West Highland Way in Scotland. The nearly 100 mile trail wound through farms and small towns. Some days we saw lots of people; other days it was just us on our section of the trail. I've written before about one of my favorite days: When … Continue reading Seasons of Quality Time

Celebrating Strong Women: This Side of Heaven

Andrew Budek-Schmeisser lives on a mesa in New Mexico, with his wife Barbara and a whole lot of rescued dogs. Though now sidelined by serious illness, he has working in construction, security contracting, video scriptwriting, and was a college professor for several years He is the author of a Christian contemporary romance, "Blessed Are the Pure of Heart," published … Continue reading Celebrating Strong Women: This Side of Heaven

Unspoken Modeling

My mom's engagement ring was a nontraditional emerald. It was lost before I remember what it looked like and my parents replaced it with a ruby ring, found an an antique market in Paris. When our conversations turned toward engagement and marriage, I told Frank I didn't want a diamond ring. In his quest for … Continue reading Unspoken Modeling

The Right Way

After getting back from a wedding this weekend, I've been thinking about marriage. Even before this trip, marriage seems to always be in the news: When is the perfect age to get married? Is it better to wait, to have life experience? Is it better to marry young and grow up together? Is it worth … Continue reading The Right Way