Loving My Neighbor Through School Choice

Over the summer we were at a family gathering halfway across the country. It was a lot of catching up and conversation about education came up. A cousin asked if ours was a good school and I hesitated. Yes, our school is an incredible school! We love it and our teachers. My daughter is thriving … Continue reading Loving My Neighbor Through School Choice

What are Spiritual Practices Without Community?

When I was growing up, communion was served on silver trays with a pyramid of plastic cups filled with a swallow of grape juice. In the middle of the tray was a pile of small crackers. We would pass the tray down the aisle, each taking the bread and juice. We would hold the elements … Continue reading What are Spiritual Practices Without Community?

Small Actions Take Courage

I had the honor of writing about my experience in our school's Family Literacy Program for the MOPS Magazine. They've republished the piece over at the MOPS Blog today so I thought I'd share an excerpt. I hope you'll head over to read the rest! We sat together, sipping coffee. She asked how I took … Continue reading Small Actions Take Courage

When the World Feels Big

I'm just dipping my toes into the Enneagram, a personality structure. I'm pretty sure I'm a Type One which means Perfectionist or Reformer. One of the strengths of this type is that I'm always looking for ways to make the world a better place. One of its weaknesses is that I have trouble stopping to … Continue reading When the World Feels Big

Actively Loving My Neighbors

We sat around two tables, ten women, a teacher, and me. Five women wore a hijab or some sort of covering. Four women were from Mexico. Two women relied on their friends for translation. We sat in a mobile classroom with a broken air conditioner, though during the morning class the heat wasn't all that … Continue reading Actively Loving My Neighbors

A Love That Breaks Down Barriers

Imagine "love." What colors do you see? What shapes? Now, try to think of the word without the color red or a heart. What do you see? I often lead students through this exercise at the museum. An effort to understand that artists are constantly making choices - no matter how simple a drawing or … Continue reading A Love That Breaks Down Barriers

Choosing to Love My Neighbor

Before we had kids, I wondered if we'd get them vaccinated. I had heard a bit about vaccine controversy, but hadn't thought too much about it. Once I was pregnant, I decided to do a bit more research and quickly found that vaccines were, in fact, not dangerous. Coming to the conclusion that vaccines are … Continue reading Choosing to Love My Neighbor