Spending Quality Time With Art

My top Love Language is Quality Time. During tax season, this means we are very protective of our weekends. We try to make sure to eat at least one meal as just the four of us and we keep Frank's one day off as relaxed as possible. Of course, things happen and we engage with … Continue reading Spending Quality Time With Art

Remembering My Kids are Different

I'm over at the Kindred Mom blog today, writing about our family's culture. It's still a work in progress and I'm learning that what works today may not work in a month. But, this is where we're at right now. Here's an excerpt - I hope you'll go over to Kindred Mom to join the … Continue reading Remembering My Kids are Different

Don’t Box Me In

I love the idea of personality tests. At their best, I learn vocabulary that helps me understand my nature. At their worst, I feel put in a box, unable to achieve beyond what my personality dictates. Nothing drives me crazier than someone noting, Oh! Your an ETXR? That's why you love hosting parties! or I'm surprised you … Continue reading Don’t Box Me In

Sharing the Load

Follow me, like a procession! Bea commanded us to proceed into the hallway and watch, enthralled, as she colored a square on her rewards chart. I rolled my eyes and muttered to Frank, No wonder firstborns are egocentric! One of the biggest adjustments of having two is the classic need for our firstborn to abdicate all … Continue reading Sharing the Load