Read Your Strengths: Books that Reflect Learner

Choosing books that reflect strengths like Intellection and Learner are hard. Isn't any book in which you learn something counted as a book that reflects Learner? The following books are ones that were pivotal to learning something that changed the way we work as a family. They were read as a response to something or … Continue reading Read Your Strengths: Books that Reflect Learner

Learning to Be Choosy

This has been a long week. Not bad, just long. Frank's working on the tax extension deadline; Bea's teachers are at a conference for the week so she's home; we've had our sweetest sweet moments and our lowest frustrations. One of the most difficult things about finding energy though learning is that learning takes energy. … Continue reading Learning to Be Choosy

Raising Learners

One of my favorite parts of staying home with the girls is watching their learning styles develop. Especially the past couple months, we've seen Elle's little personality really emerge. Some aspects of each girl are totally me or Frank. Others are completely¬†them or a cool mix of various family members. Bea has always been an … Continue reading Raising Learners

Letting Go of Grades

All through high school, I was a straight-A student. It didn't come easily - I worked hard, stayed up late, went to tutoring (especially for math) in order to maintain that GPA. I went to a school where having a 4.0 meant you were high-average. I was nowhere near contending for valedictorian.¬†It's a trait my … Continue reading Letting Go of Grades

The Process of Learning

When I was in college, I chose not to minor in anything. Instead, I took elective classes from as many departments as I could, trying to get as diverse an education as possible. International studies, comparative literature, journalism - I loved dipping a toe in a range of ideas and types of classes. One of … Continue reading The Process of Learning