Be Kind to Yourself

When I wrote this post for SheLoves, it was easy writing about the discomfort. That seems to be part of life, right? Leaning into the discomfort. Something didn't feel complete about the piece. I worked on it, sent it to a friend, and finally sent it to my editor, thinking it was all about discomfort. … Continue reading Be Kind to Yourself

Engaging in Uncomfortable Topics

Sometimes the idea of befriending the checker at the grocery store or volunteering with refugees seems too daunting. It may be outside my comfort zone to strike up a conversation in the park or I may not have enough extra hours to volunteer somewhere. Does this mean learning about people who believe differently, who look … Continue reading Engaging in Uncomfortable Topics

The Courage to Unlearn

Whenever I've flown across the ocean, there's a moment when I've looked down and only seen water. It's a different feeling, knowing that there is no land for miles and miles. I've never taken a long boat ride or a cruise, but I wonder what that feeling of losing sight of the land is like? … Continue reading The Courage to Unlearn

The Practice of Kindness

When we moved into our neighborhood, there was an empty field next to our cul-de-sac. I suppose it was only a matter of time before our neighborhood started growing, just like everywhere else in the city and suburbs. Now, part of our daily routine is to walk over to look at the tractors. At least … Continue reading The Practice of Kindness

Kindness Takes Courage

The way to Elle's heart is sharing. When Bea gave her a cinnamon cracker, leftover from her school snack, Elle beamed the entire walk home, showing me the cracker and exclaiming, Bea shared with ME! I don't know when I started changing my language, but when the girls do things for each other, I use the … Continue reading Kindness Takes Courage

Kindness Looks Different Every Day

I just finished writing my post about being kind to yourself when I completely flipped out on the family of disgusting pigs I live with. I have a fairly long fuse when it comes to clutter and everyday filth. I quickly learned that nap time is my time and I rarely clean or do chores. The … Continue reading Kindness Looks Different Every Day

Be Kind to Yourself

Love kindness. The second part of Micah's famous statement tells us to love kindness. Not simply to be kind or to show someone kindness, but to love it. I'm guessing that Micah meant love in the deepest, truest sense of the word. Not just I love autumn! but deep, spiritual, unshakable love. Yesterday, I posted the song Be Kind to Yourself from … Continue reading Be Kind to Yourself

A Blessing for Kindness

On Sundays, I thought I’d highlight a blessing to start our week. This week’s theme is kindness and this song from Alright Alright immediately came to mind. China sang it at our first MOPS meeting this year and I fell in love with the message she sings.   BE KIND - by China Curtiss Kent Be … Continue reading A Blessing for Kindness