Recognizing My Part

Apo-gize, Bea!! Elle has learned to demand apologies from her sister when she feels she is wronged. Part of this is modeled - we try to practice apology and forgiveness a lot. It starts with me, as most things around here do. I learned early in this mothering journey that if I want my kids … Continue reading Recognizing My Part

Remembering to Ask Why

I had been teaching a few years before the mandatory requirement to say the Pledge of Allegiance was decreed. Before this, I'd say it occasionally, usually after a staff meeting reminder, but never regularly. With middle school students reading the Pledge over the public announcement system, it was hard to ignore. I was in second … Continue reading Remembering to Ask Why

The Requirement of Justice

All day long, I'm asking the girls to do things - to get dressed, to sit at the table, to help clean the playroom. I ask them to help each other and to help me. But we don't really have any chore requirements. We haven't done any charts or allowances; when we ask for help, we … Continue reading The Requirement of Justice

I Respectfully Disagree

One of the challenges of parenting that I find simultaneously most draining, most hopeful, and most constant is finding the balance of teaching respect and allowing our daughters to feel and express their emotions. And believe me, there are so many emotions to feel! From learning to share to a project not going a certain … Continue reading I Respectfully Disagree

When Life is a Badger Fight

Look mom - my knee is all scraped because I got in a fight with a badger. I looked at Bea's already scabbed and newly bloodied knee. It did, indeed, look as though she had gotten in a fight with a badger. The source was from biking too fast, taking too many sharp turns, and … Continue reading When Life is a Badger Fight

Review: One Dress One Year by Bethany Winz + Giveaway

When I was in high school, I was passionate about changing the world. I would read the newspaper each morning during breakfast and moved at how much needed to be done. I would talk about it with my dad, write a letter to the editor perhaps, but ultimately, I didn't do anything to change the world. … Continue reading Review: One Dress One Year by Bethany Winz + Giveaway

Small Acts of Faith and Justice

Frank and I have been watching An Idiot Abroad on Netflix. Created by comedian Ricky Gervais, we follow his friend, Karl as he experiences the Seven Wonders of the World. The twist is that Karl is a homebody and is very critical of travel. I have laughed until I got teary; Frank has fallen asleep … Continue reading Small Acts of Faith and Justice