Poised on the Horizon

My alarm has started going off at 5:45 after ten blissful weeks of waking up "naturally" at 6:30. (Can a mom of early risers wake up without assistance?) Bea has been back in school for a week and Elle starts preschool next week. We are easing back into schedules and routines after a busy July. … Continue reading Poised on the Horizon

Dwelling in the Mysteries of This Journey

We're in a season of neediness. Bea┬áneeds me to walk her to school, to pick her up, to sit beside her as she does homework. Elle┬áneeds me to read with her, to get her dressed, to make her lunch, to put her to bed. These are needy times and it's easy to imagine life when … Continue reading Dwelling in the Mysteries of This Journey