Dismantling Cynicism for Lent

Growing up, I had a complicated relationship with worship at church. I was raised in a setting where hands were held high in praise, where we swayed with our eyes closed, and where outwardly expressions of worship were a direct indication of your personal relationship with God. My naturally critical spirit turned toward an unhealthy … Continue reading Dismantling Cynicism for Lent

Why Bother With Lent?

On Wednesday, we leave the Epiphany and Ordinary Time in the church calendar and move into Lent, that period that prepares us for Easter. Lent is a 40 day practice (excluding Sundays) that encourages fasting, preparation, and mindfulness as Christians consider the celebration and importance of Easter. I've come to look forward to this time … Continue reading Why Bother With Lent?

Responding to Lent

I'm in the middle of Madeleine L'Engle's The Irrational Season and am in the midst of her chapter on Lent. It is this season when Christians stop, slow down and reflect on the¬†why of Jesus' sacrifice. L'eagle comments that it is also, appropriately, in the midst of the dreariness of winter, when we are anticipating … Continue reading Responding to Lent