The View from My Kitchen Table

When you come to our house for dinner, depending on where you sit at the long farmhouse-style table, you'll get a certain glimpse into our life and values. Perhaps you'll sit facing the living room. You'll see a large photograph taken at Antelope Canyon in Arizona. Our friend took the photo looking up at the … Continue reading The View from My Kitchen Table

Noticing the Quirks and Character

We are in the midst of selling our house. This means decluttering, hiding all personal photos, and making it look as though we are as neat, organized, and styled as a Container Store catalog. In the grand scheme of buying and selling, our experience has (so far) been on the easier side, which has been … Continue reading Noticing the Quirks and Character


It’s November 2, the beginning of a month of thankfulness. We’ve been contemplating a new house. Our 1100 square-foot, 1952, three bedroom, one bath ranch is just fine right now. Many people tell us a good marriage only works with more than one bathroom (or even, more than one sink in that second bathroom) but … Continue reading Thankful