When The Original Plan is the Best Plan

We spent the month of June doing some house renovations. As the girls grow and play differently, our playroom also changed. Housed in the formal dining room, the playroom sat at the center of our home for over three years. I could read on the couch and watch the girls play or make dinner and … Continue reading When The Original Plan is the Best Plan

A Chaotic Haven

Home improvement shows are my go-to veg option. Especially during tax season, when I can watch whatever I want, I'll spend my evenings with Chip and Jojo or the Property Brothers, looking at beautiful homes made even nicer. (We watched one of these with a friend visiting from Zimbabwe and it was so uncomfortable watching … Continue reading A Chaotic Haven

What I’m Into 2:15

I haven't participated in Leigh Kramer's What I'm Into roundup in a long time and for some reason, this February felt like a good time for a recap. It's been two months since the move and we're settling in, painting, organizing, and making a new house feel like home. The weather this month has been … Continue reading What I’m Into 2:15