Building Foundations of Wonder

I'm honored to be over at Kindred Mom today, wrapping up their series on Cultivating Family Culture. Our hikes are still slow and filled with meandering and I don't know if we've ever reached our destination. But both girls readily pick hiking on a weekend, so I call that a success. Here's an excerpt and I … Continue reading Building Foundations of Wonder

Seasons of Quality Time

To celebrate our first anniversary, Frank and I hiked the West Highland Way in Scotland. The nearly 100 mile trail wound through farms and small towns. Some days we saw lots of people; other days it was just us on our section of the trail. I've written before about one of my favorite days: When … Continue reading Seasons of Quality Time

Taking the Wrong Path

When I was a novice mountain hiker, my dad and I took the wrong path up one of Colorado's high peaks. Realizing we were out of our league, we depended on the help of a more experienced stranger to get us to the summit and back to the correct trail. At the time, it rattled … Continue reading Taking the Wrong Path

Discover the Forest

Before we had kids, Frank and I took for granted how much we would expose our future children to nature. It was easy for us to get up to the mountains on a regular basis. Nature and being outdoors is an important foundation of our family's values - after all, we met on a snowshoe hike, … Continue reading Discover the Forest


Today, I'm excited to offer thoughts on settling into your One Word this year over at On our first anniversary, Frank and I hiked the West Highland Way, a 95-mile trail through Scotland’s highlands. It was (and still is) the longest distance I’ve hiked, with days ranging from 8 to 14 miles. A service … Continue reading Connecting

America’s Best Idea

The National Parks play a fairly significant role in our family's story. When Frank and I were dating, we took a weekend road trip up to Yellowstone, about 10 hours north of us. We left right after work and drove through the night. Driving through the Grand Tetons early in the morning was an amazing … Continue reading America’s Best Idea