Habits I’m Keeping for the New Year

Our year started out wobbly. We all got sick and have passed around a terrible cold that's going on three weeks. We've canceled plans, hunkered down, and lived on a soup diet. While our routines have been off, I've been thankful for habits I've formed over the past year or so. While the new year … Continue reading Habits I’m Keeping for the New Year

The Habit of Learning Hope

One of Bea's rituals is to run through the front yard, waving to Frank as he drives off to work. Barefoot and in her nightgown, she'll yell before the neighborhood is awake, I love you! You can count on me!! The other morning, Frank got up early to try to get in before any of us … Continue reading The Habit of Learning Hope

The Habit of Forming Habits

This fall has been filled with 30-day challenges. From our Whole30 cleanse to setting an alarm at 9:00 each night for bedtime to this Write 31 Days challenge, I'm liking the benefits of these short-term, habit changers. Setting a goal and sticking to it these days is a challenge in itself. There were many days … Continue reading The Habit of Forming Habits

Processing as a Habit

I was talking with a friend the other day about how excited I was for a weekend to myself. I was planning on reading, napping, and talking minimally with others. His first question was, So you're an introvert? I've always struggled with the introvert-extrovert scale. I love people; I love entertaining; I love not talking to … Continue reading Processing as a Habit

Five Things I Learned On Whole30

Today is our last day of the Whole30 cleanse. On Day 2, I accidentally licked peanut butter off my finger while making Bea's lunch and midway through, I had a bite of corn before realizing my breakfast side was "noncompliant." But otherwise? We stuck to it and didn't veer off course. I feel pretty proud … Continue reading Five Things I Learned On Whole30

Sometimes You Just Need a New Cookbook

We've never done a diet or a cleanse together. My view on healthy eating is just that: Use common sense and eat healthfully. Of course whole, homemade foods are best. Moderation is key. And sweets are rarely good. This tax season was probably our best for meal planning. Of course, we cheated and ate out … Continue reading Sometimes You Just Need a New Cookbook

Celebrating Strong Women: Five Minutes to Happiness

This week's strong woman is Valerie Brown, a friend who lives out generosity and compassion. Valerie has been a Colorado Native since 1982.  She has a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology and has a career with helping people with tax issues.  In addition, she also helps people through her public speaking for weight loss and weight management.   She is … Continue reading Celebrating Strong Women: Five Minutes to Happiness