When The Way Things Have Always Been Done Isn’t Best

Our tax season got off to a rocky start. Unmet expectations, a busy weekend, miscommunication, the stress of the unknown. After three rough weekends, I wondered if this was it. Was this how the year would go? Do I resign myself to a cloud over each family day? Thankfully, Frank and I decided that, just because … Continue reading When The Way Things Have Always Been Done Isn’t Best

Practicing Active Lament

Right before college finals, I remember thinking, I wish Jesus would just come back tomorrow. Then I wouldn't have to worry about life and studying. Of course, I still studied and put in the work because that's not how faith, Jesus' return, or the imagery of Revelation really work. I grew up being told that we … Continue reading Practicing Active Lament

Tracing My Own Story

Our speaker yesterday at MOPS led us through exercises in defining freedom in our stories. What are our yeses and nos? How do we achieve those? It was an incredible experience and made me reflect on my journey and what defines me. It also made me think of this journey in seeking justice. So many … Continue reading Tracing My Own Story

A Vulnerable God Invites Vulnerable People

One of our first arguments was about gun control. Frank saw the reasoning to own a gun; I just couldn't wrap my mind around needing protection of that kind. I have trouble imagining taking someone else's life to save my own. This week, my daily dose of Henri Nouwen arrived in my inbox. It was … Continue reading A Vulnerable God Invites Vulnerable People