Preserving Good Intention

In 2014, my relationship with friends on social media changed. Events happened here in the United States and people took to their Facebook pages, declaring loyalty to one side or another. This is also around the point with Facebook introduced the "hide friends" feature, meaning you could stay friends but just not see their posts. … Continue reading Preserving Good Intention

Best Friends Forever!

I'm honored to be over at my friend, Debby's to kick off her series on friendship. Here's an excerpt and I hope you'll join the conversation over at her place! When we moved into this neighborhood, we couldn’t have known what awaited us, just across the street. If we had been able to include neighbor profiles … Continue reading Best Friends Forever!

The Need for Seasonal Friendships

Each year, Frank and I host two big parties: The girls' birthday in the summer and our Christmas party. This has evolved over the years - first with the fact that Elle was born just three days after Bea's birthday. We'd always had a "invite everyone" attitude toward her party, but since we could combine … Continue reading The Need for Seasonal Friendships

Bike Gangs and Spare Grandparents

When we moved to a cul-de-sac in the suburbs, I had no idea how wonderful the cliche would be. On these lazy summer days, when I'm trying to pare back even our fun playdates, our neighbors keep us from being housebound without an event. (Something Bea loves!) Regularly, kids are out biking and playing. We've got … Continue reading Bike Gangs and Spare Grandparents

Finding Inspiration

We meet once a month, this group of strong, opinionated women, to talk about books written by or featuring strong women. Over food and crusty bread and wine, we share our lives and dive into big topics. This group is my most diverse book club, from a life-experience perspective and our conversations about the books and … Continue reading Finding Inspiration

Power Lunches

I taught with Debbie for seven years. At first, our interactions were occasional: Asking for advice, sharing materials, planning lessons. By the second year, we planned each week, scheduled a weekly lunch, and conferred daily. By our last year, we ate lunch together most days, talked constantly, knew so much about each other's families, got … Continue reading Power Lunches


I've never been one to have a best friend. I even feel funny calling Frank my best friend (probably after reading Committed...) My friends fill different needs in my life - some offer encouragement in my faith journey, others are practical problem-solvers, others joined me in motherhood and offer grace and encouragement during this season. … Continue reading Encouragement