Dwell in Advent

The past couple days have been off with our sleep. We've totally been spoiled with sweet Elle - she's been a good, long sleeper from the beginning, so while I was trying to figure out what was wrong the past two days, Frank suggested that perhaps she's simply acting her age. An adjusted bedtime got … Continue reading Dwell in Advent


It seems as though Frank and I are living in a space of close proximity, but we have to be intentional about our emotional closeness. Dinners are interrupted by questions, timeouts, and general toddlerness. The space between dinner and bedtime is filled with play and cleaning up and more half-finished conversations. After the bedtime routine … Continue reading Close


"Come! Come, 'Ma'oes!" Bea eagerly led any guests to our home straight to the tomato plants, towering over her 11-month self. Once she discovered our garden, and especially the delicious cherry tomatoes, Bea wanted to share her wealth with others. At any given moment, her small mouth would be stuffed with red (and often green) … Continue reading Garden


I'll be honest: This prompt was tough for me. The word "hero" often causes me to cringe; I feel it's so overused. The local news segment on everyday heroes invariably include the categories of teacher, soldier, firefighter, grandparent. People rarely cite their accountant, dentist, garbage collector, or lawyer as their everyday heroes. Frank feels I … Continue reading Hero


From my corner of the couch, by the window, I see... A bookcase, overflowing with art history, travel, mountaineering, poetry Books that reflect who we were and where we hope to go Knickknacks moved to higher shelves, out of the reach of small hands Because I don't want "no, don't touch" to dominate my day … Continue reading See