Favorite Fiction for Fall

My goal this year was to read more fiction. (I feel like this is a perpetual goal...) I love reading¬†good fiction because it expands my worldview, makes me think about people and places I don't normally interact with, and can dig into topics and issues in creative ways that is often difficult for an essay … Continue reading Favorite Fiction for Fall

What Are You Reading This Summer?

Even though we still have a month until the summer equinox, we are in summertime mode around here. School is out, the pool is open, Memorial Day barbecues have happened. I have a stack of library books I'm working through (and have put all my holds on suspension until I get through these!) I was … Continue reading What Are You Reading This Summer?

Novels That Make You Think

I've always been a bigger fan of nonfiction than fiction. Especially after becoming a stay-at-home mom, I felt like I needed to keep my brain active; to¬†learn more. But, reading fiction is just as important. As studies show, reading fiction creates empathy, allows us to think about big things in new perspectives, and introduces us … Continue reading Novels That Make You Think