Favorite Fiction for Fall

My goal this year was to read more fiction. (I feel like this is a perpetual goal...) I love reading good fiction because it expands my worldview, makes me think about people and places I don't normally interact with, and can dig into topics and issues in creative ways that is often difficult for an essay … Continue reading Favorite Fiction for Fall

What are You Listening To? #trypod

NPR has declared March the month to Try a Podcast, or #trypod. I'm pretty new to the world of podcasts - most of our car music is geared to my preschool passengers and I just can't seem to focus on talking while I'm doing chores. But there are three and a half podcasts I listen … Continue reading What are You Listening To? #trypod

Favorite Museums

I mentioned earlier that the Denver Art Museum and the Clyfford Still Museum are doing a joint exhibit of works from the Albright-Knox Gallery (DAM) and a reimagining of Clyfford Still's 1959 show at the Gallery (CSM). I'm excited about these exhibits: Modern art is one of my favorite periods (along with Spanish Baroque) and … Continue reading Favorite Museums