Books to See the Other

I was reflecting on books that have helped me to understand those we have labeled as┬áThe Other. Whether from a different socioeconomic background, a different culture, or a different political viewpoint, I think it's important to read books that challenge our own worldview. I've referenced many of these books already, but in case you're looking … Continue reading Books to See the Other

Don’t Ask Me About Sleep

Frank and I ate breakfast in semi-silence the other day. His offense? He asked if I had a rough night's sleep. Don't even ask me about sleep until Elle is five years old!!!! I grumped. Even on good nights, when both girls go down easily and sleep (mostly) through the night (What does "through the … Continue reading Don’t Ask Me About Sleep

Art Creates Empathy

One of my favorite memories growing up is sitting in front of my dad's reference books in his home studio, looking through his Jansen's History of Art while he drew. It was from his college days and the photos reflected its publication date. I remember looking at an image of the Sistine Chapel ceiling and … Continue reading Art Creates Empathy