When Life Gives You Lemons, Drink Champagne

I had a birthday this weekend and it did not go as expected. A trip had been planned; that trip got canceled. I was pretty bummed but then Frank took the girls to the Women's March and I went to a used bookstore and had a quiet reading lunch. We got a babysitter and had … Continue reading When Life Gives You Lemons, Drink Champagne

I Respectfully Disagree

One of the challenges of parenting that I find simultaneously most draining, most hopeful, and most constant is finding the balance of teaching respect and allowing our daughters to feel and express their emotions. And believe me, there are so many emotions to feel! From learning to share to a project not going a certain … Continue reading I Respectfully Disagree

When Life is a Badger Fight

Look mom - my knee is all scraped because I got in a fight with a badger. I looked at Bea's already scabbed and newly bloodied knee. It did, indeed, look as though she had gotten in a fight with a badger. The source was from biking too fast, taking too many sharp turns, and … Continue reading When Life is a Badger Fight

Throwing a Popsicle Festival

I'm over at Debby Hudson's today, sharing a story about the power of food (or popsicles) to built community. Head over to join the conversation! We live in a neighborhood where the ministry of popsicles is alive and well. Most evenings, when the sun isn’t quite as hot or high, a little bicycle gang emerges … Continue reading Throwing a Popsicle Festival