Settling In

We welcomed our little Elle into this world on Friday night. The transition has been good but already settling into a family of four has been a bit chaotic. Our Celebrating Strong Women series will continue each Wednesday. I have some amazing stories lined up through September. If you'd like to add yours, please let me … Continue reading Settling In

Taking Time to Nest

Well, we are officially overdue. Bea was nine days late, so apparently we make babies who are content to bake as long as possible. Philosophically, I'm all about letting babies decide on their own when to enter the world. Emotionally, during a hot week at the end of July? I cannot wait to not be … Continue reading Taking Time to Nest


Frank was the one to announce Bea's sex to the hospital room: "It's a...girl?" The question mark surprised me, but reflecting later, it shouldn't have. The last few weeks of pregnancy, friends and strangers were sure we were having a boy from a myriad of old-wives opinions. Even during our longer-than-expected labor, nurses would laughingly … Continue reading Messenger