“Let me teach you how to dance,

Let me lead you to the floor,

Simply place your hand in mine,

and then think of nothing more…”

Richard Maltby, Jr.

When I first saw this scene in the film, “Miss Potter,” I got teary-eyed. The simple scene was beautiful and touching. Now, watching Frank dance with our own Beatrix, singing to her, both faces lit up, just being together brings a new beauty to this song. Moving from one sung as a courting tune to one singing as a father to his daughter. I love watching Frank teach Bea so many things – how to dance, explore, live fearlessly. And how Bea looks up to Frank, full of trust and delight, learning from her dad. It’s amazing to think how this dance will change as the years pass, but I hope the core will remain: Bea fearlessly in her dad’s arms.

Is there a song that defines a moment in your life?