Creating Space for Play and Curiosity

Now that it's summer, the girls and I are in the car a lot together. I drive a Honda Civic, meaning that we're in close proximity for all music choices and conversation. Recently, I've been reminded of what a linguistically fun season we're in. Photo by Fabio Santaniello Bruun on Unsplash Elle loves separating words by syllable and … Continue reading Creating Space for Play and Curiosity

The Blessing of Curiosity

When I was in Nepal, some friends came to visit and we decided to take an airplane flight around Mt. Everest. I wasn't much of a hiker then, so even trekking to Base Camp didn't hold much of an appeal. But I knew I wanted to see the highest peak in the world. The flight … Continue reading The Blessing of Curiosity

Holy Curiosity

Cara Meredith is hosting a series this year on Holy Curiosity. Since I'm in the midst of this nonstop curiosity-filled season, I was inspired to reflect on my own experience with the holiness of exploration. And the need to remember my own curiosity needs to be nourished. Here's an excerpt, but head over to Cara's … Continue reading Holy Curiosity