Preparing for a Season of Dormancy

This past weekend was one of those gorgeous autumn days with warm weather and blue skies. Because we had early snow and frost, we decided to spend this beautiful day winterizing our garden and yard. I had already pulled our vegetable plants after the first frost but we went through our containers, tilling in the … Continue reading Preparing for a Season of Dormancy

The Compost Heap: A Newsletter

After hearing about the need to start a newsletter for a few years, I've finally decided to jump on the bandwagon. I like the idea of having a more conversational "this is what I'm into" sort of thing that doesn't really fit in with the blog. So, I'd like to introduce The Compost Heap: Digging into … Continue reading The Compost Heap: A Newsletter

Leaning Into Ideas Rather Than Details

I just finished reading This is Not a Border: Reportage and Reflection from the Palestinian Festival of Literature, one of the most stunning collections of essays I've ever read. I spent over a month slowly reading the words, letting them sink in. Some days, I'd take a break. Often, I would only read one or two essays a … Continue reading Leaning Into Ideas Rather Than Details


We are probably the world's worst composters. We don’t follow the 2:3 ratio at all, but simply throw any food scraps into our counter top container. In the winter, we’ll empty it about once a week; more in the summer. If I’m being conscientious, I’ll tear up our paper towel and toilet paper tubes to … Continue reading Compost