Saying Yes

Saying yes... Meant stepping out of my comfort zone, moving to Paris, spending an incredibly hard but incredibly important four years abroad, learning about myself, my faith, my world. Saying yes... Meant staying home, raising daughters, finding ways of fulfilling my strengths, of continuing to learn, of passing on traits and role models to the … Continue reading Saying Yes

Privilege of Choice

When Frank and I got married, we decided we wanted to wait three years before having kids. While neither of us were old, I was in my late-twenties, he was in his mid-thirties and we had done a lot of world exploring before meeting. We still had things we wanted to do together and places we wanted … Continue reading Privilege of Choice

Choosing to Stay

About a year ago, Rachel Held Evans posed a question about church stories on her blog as she was writing her new book, Searching for Sunday. I wrote this essay and left it. A few days ago, a conversation occurred that reminded me of it. As I reread, I realized nothing much has changed. I'm still so grateful … Continue reading Choosing to Stay

Sharing the Road

It's officially spring here in Colorado. The temperatures match our weather expectations and even the occasional snow melts within the day. Bulbs are blooming, windows are open, and weekend hikes become routine again. Because of the gorgeous weather, once-deserted trails are crowded with walkers, dogs, strollers, joggers, and cyclists. A friend and I walk every … Continue reading Sharing the Road

Morning Rituals

I just finished reading Found by Micha Boyett. It's her journey as a new mom in finding space for prayer, contemplation, and the spiritual practices she enjoyed before her time was consumed with an infant-turned-active-toddler. Among many other gems, she talks about resetting expectations - perhaps prayer is one line while nursing rather than a … Continue reading Morning Rituals

The Lens of Celebration

In college, my group of friends was all about reading Richard Foster and Henri Nouwen. We would take retreats, pray the Hours, and share our favorite stories of Celtic monks. Living in Paris, the spiritual discipline I most longed for was solitude. Especially after reading Out of Solitude, I would schedule days by myself. Having … Continue reading The Lens of Celebration

Tithing as Hospitality

Frank and I were talking the other day about our finances. Now that we've moved into the house and things are settling down, we decided it was time to look at the budget again. We're also at an age (this sounds so old!) when things like retirement savings enter the conversation. Maybe it's because our parents … Continue reading Tithing as Hospitality

The Weight of Privilege

I've never thought too much about the Israeli-Palistinian conflict. I remember hearing about it in the news growing up - stories usually more on the side of Israel's point of view, rather than balanced reporting. After moving to Paris, I began reading news stories told from a different point of view, as France seemed more sympathetic … Continue reading The Weight of Privilege

Choosing to Love My Neighbor

Before we had kids, I wondered if we'd get them vaccinated. I had heard a bit about vaccine controversy, but hadn't thought too much about it. Once I was pregnant, I decided to do a bit more research and quickly found that vaccines were, in fact, not dangerous. Coming to the conclusion that vaccines are … Continue reading Choosing to Love My Neighbor