Review: Sparkle and Change Bible

I still remember my first "real" Bible. It was a Precious Moments illustrated version, either with a white or pink cover. I loved having what felt like a grown-up Bible. The only downside was that the translation was the New King James Version and as a young reader, it was hard to connect with this … Continue reading Review: Sparkle and Change Bible

Review: Let There Be Light by Desmond Tutu

One of my favorite books that I read last year was God Has a Dream by Archbishop Desmond Tutu. It was a beautifully written, challenging book and I loved his honest and grace-filled style of writing. When I saw that he had written a book for children, I was intrigued. I had read mixed reviews … Continue reading Review: Let There Be Light by Desmond Tutu

Five Favorite Children’s Books

We have a lot of friends who have just had babies or who are due in the next couple months. I love giving books as part of the shower gift, so thought I'd highlight some we're reading in our house at this moment. Bea's taste in favorite books changes nearly weekly, though we have a … Continue reading Five Favorite Children’s Books