Transitions When Life is Always the Same

After a particularly dreary winter followed quickly by a stay-at-home order, spring is finally here. Of course, we can't plant our annuals just yet for fear of another frost, but besides that potential, trees are blooming, windows are wide open for the majority of the day, and the hope of sunshine and an emergence from … Continue reading Transitions When Life is Always the Same

Poised on the Horizon

My alarm has started going off at 5:45 after ten blissful weeks of waking up "naturally" at 6:30. (Can a mom of early risers wake up without assistance?) Bea has been back in school for a week and Elle starts preschool next week. We are easing back into schedules and routines after a busy July. … Continue reading Poised on the Horizon

Celebrating Strong Women: Five Minutes to Happiness

This week's strong woman is Valerie Brown, a friend who lives out generosity and compassion. Valerie has been a Colorado Native since 1982.  She has a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology and has a career with helping people with tax issues.  In addition, she also helps people through her public speaking for weight loss and weight management.   She is … Continue reading Celebrating Strong Women: Five Minutes to Happiness

When Perspective Changes

When I was growing up, my dad either worked from home or he worked within a block of my elementary school. He was always available and it seemed normal to have him as the go-to volunteer and pick-up parent when I was sick. Now, our reality includes tax season, which means for three months, we … Continue reading When Perspective Changes

Goals and Spontaneity

We just got back from a week visiting family in Oklahoma. It was filled with conversations, cousins meeting and playing (and occasionally fighting), and lots of delicious, unhealthy holiday food. We stayed at a hotel and had the room next to the lobby. This worked out perfectly, since we could put Bea down for naps … Continue reading Goals and Spontaneity

Turning Colors and Beauty in Change

I'm in the Autumn camp for favorite season. I love the brilliant colors, the need to check the weather everyday, and the ability to wear sweaters with sandals or tank tops with boots. I also love the visual reminder of natural life cycles. Watching the trees turn brilliant colors before shedding their leaves doesn't bring images … Continue reading Turning Colors and Beauty in Change