Toasting the Everyday

This week, I celebrated my birthday - I am now in my mid-thirties. (I guess. When is that "cutoff"?) It's funny how birthdays can take on a theme. For Bea's first birthday, somehow she ended up with almost all giraffe-themed gifts from growth charts to tricycles. This year, my theme was champagne. I got some … Continue reading Toasting the Everyday

Taking Time to Party

Yesterday at our first MOPS meeting, our "creative director," Carolyn had us make a party kit. In a ziplock, we put everything we need to have an instant celebration - streamers, a card, balloons... The idea is to take time to celebrate small, everyday moments. A goal achieved, a good day, a string of bad … Continue reading Taking Time to Party


Because it had been sitting in our fridge for a few weeks, waiting for a special moment. Because September flew by in an unexpected flurry, and special moments seemed hard to find. Because Thursday night is just as special as Saturday night. Opening the Champagne after bedtime, talking and laughing, not reading or watching Netflix, … Continue reading Because