Review: The Basic Bible Atlas by John A. Beck

I remember my first "real" Bible that I received as a middle schooler. It was marketed toward students and had applicable study questions scattered among the text. But one of my favorite parts of this Bible were the full-color maps at the beginning. I was able to imagine the world of the Ancient Israelites, track … Continue reading Review: The Basic Bible Atlas by John A. Beck

Creating Space for Play and Curiosity

Now that it's summer, the girls and I are in the car a lot together. I drive a Honda Civic, meaning that we're in close proximity for all music choices and conversation. Recently, I've been reminded of what a linguistically fun season we're in. Photo by Fabio Santaniello Bruun on Unsplash Elle loves separating words by syllable and … Continue reading Creating Space for Play and Curiosity

Review: Sparkle and Change Bible

I still remember my first "real" Bible. It was a Precious Moments illustrated version, either with a white or pink cover. I loved having what felt like a grown-up Bible. The only downside was that the translation was the New King James Version and as a young reader, it was hard to connect with this … Continue reading Review: Sparkle and Change Bible

Review: NKJV Reader’s Bible

Now that we're a full week into summer, I'm slowly finding a routine. My favorite part of school being over is a slower start to our mornings. The girls are still up before 7:00 but we don't have to be anywhere for a while. I'm enjoying a cup of coffee while still in my pajamas, … Continue reading Review: NKJV Reader’s Bible

Life is a Narrative Story, Not a Report

One of the best outcomes of this practice of blogging has been learning the art of storytelling. My goal with each essay is to take a life experience and weave a greater thought that can be applied beyond my story at this moment. It's been a good practice as I reflect on this phase of … Continue reading Life is a Narrative Story, Not a Report

Review: Word of Promise New Testament

Because his time is at a premium, Frank has started "reading" most of his books via Audible. It's a perfect way to continue reading while commuting, working out, walking Daisy, and doing chores. Growing up, I remember my dad doing much of his reading via audiobooks as he worked. Me? I'm not much of an … Continue reading Review: Word of Promise New Testament

Review: NIV Study Bible for Women

I have two book goals for this year: Read through the Bible (or at least get started... I began reading in April and I'm only in March of the reading plan) and reading War and Peace. I still have some time for that one, but book clubs and other interesting reads keep getting in the … Continue reading Review: NIV Study Bible for Women